April 2, 2024

From the Palazzo Community: 5 User-Created Designs We Love

At Palazzo, we're constantly amazed by the creativity in our growing user community. We're always on the lookout for design inspiration, and trust us, there's a lot to love on the Explore feed. Today, we're excited to spotlight five designs created by Palazzo users that immediately caught our eye.

We hope they inspire you to try out Palazzo and create your own designs – you never know, you might even be spotlighted on our next design round up!

5 designs we love, created by the Palazzo community

Design 1: Bold Dining Featuring Black and White Print

A dining room created in Palazzo by user and designer Michael Graham-Smith.

First off, we're showcasing a dining room that’s all about bold statements and timeless elegance, reimagined in Palazzo by professional interior designer Michael Graham-Smith.

It features a striking black and white floral wallpaper that creates a dramatic yet classic backdrop for any meal or occasion. Central to the room is a round wooden dining table with a natural, rustic finish. We love how the dining chairs provide a mix of textures with their leather seats and rattan backrests.

It's traditional, yet fresh. A perfect blend of style and warmth.

Design 2: Vintage Bedroom with Floral Elegance

A bedroom created in Palazzo by co-founder and designer Venus Williams.

Next up, Venus Williams brings us a bedroom that blends floral patterns and warm, vibrant colors.

The artwork above the bed immediately catches our attention with soft, impressionistic floral motifs in a range of blush, ochre, and violet hues against a pale background. We love how the bed linens echo the artwork with their vibrant flower prints.

Bringing the floral theme full circle, a vase of fresh pink flowers on the nightstand add freshness to the room.

Overall, the room feels vintage and romantic, with a sense of cozy opulence from the mix of prints, textures, and colors.

Design 3: Bright and Airy Scandinavian Living

A living room created in Palazzo by user Heidi Wuthrich.

In our third featured design, Heidi Wuthrich brings to life a living room that embodies the lightness and elegance of Scandinavian design.

With pale peach walls, a white-painted beamed ceiling, and a plush L-shaped sofa, this space is made for comfort and relaxation. The simplicity of the decor, paired with warm wooden elements and minimalist artwork, is both inviting and stylish.

We particularly love how the room features two small, round mid-century modern coffee tables, creating a functional yet uncluttered center to the room.

Design 4: Chic Emerald-Tiled Kitchen Featuring Gold Hardware

A dining room created in Palazzo by user and designer Michael Graham-Smith.

Michael Graham-Smith strikes again with a kitchen that mixes boldness and chic modern elements.

We love the combination of the emerald tile backsplash, gold hardware, and timeless, warm-toned cabinetry. Above the marble counter, open wooden shelves offer space for displaying dishware, plants, and decorative items.

Overall, the kitchen's design is cohesive and balanced, with a rich palette of colors and materials that create an inviting, stylish space.

Design 5: Modern Living with a Touch of Drama

A living room created in Palazzo by user Megan Smythe.

Last but definitely not least, Megan Smythe created a contemporary living and dining area that features bold contrasts throughout.

She went for a deep, black matte accent wall in her design, lightened by the warm wood ceiling and large windows. We love how the wicker chairs add a casual, organic feel to the dining area. It's the perfect, modern blend of light and dark, plus natural and industrial.

Inspired yet?

These designs are just a brief look at some of the incredible talent within the Palazzo community. We hope they spark your imagination and encourage you to experiment with your own designs on Palazzo.

If you want to see more of the designs created by users like you, head over to the Explore feed! We invite you to browse, like, comment, and even post your own designs. We can't wait to see what you create!