March 8, 2024

Behind the Code: When AI Misses the Mark

Ah, the adventures of blending AI with interior design – it’s always a journey full of surprises! Now, we know there are some fears out there about AI. Some folks worry it might take away jobs or stifle human creativity. That's why we at Palazzo want to address your concerns and share our perspective on the matter. There's a whole other side to AI that's not just hopeful, but also pretty hilarious.

Today, we're peeling back the curtain to share what we affectionately call Vinci’s bloopers. Just like humans, our AI design assistant, Vinci, is not perfect. As we’ve developed Palazzo, our team - who live and breathe AI - have had our fair share of eyebrow-raising moments.

Here are some of the most memorable!

The lighter side of AI – Palazzo’s bloopers

The Disappearing Ceiling

In an attempt to tweak a design, we asked Vinci to remove some unwanted wood from the ceiling. Vinci took our request a bit too literally and decided the ceiling had no place in our design. Talk about open concept!

The Beauty and the Beast

One of our team members uploaded a photo of their house featuring their pet dog, hoping to see how Vinci would reimagine the space. Vinci, in his infinite wisdom, turned the dog into an ottoman. Functional? Perhaps. Hilarious? Absolutely.

It’s Giving Jolly Rancher

When it comes to adding color to a room, Vinci's creativity knew no bounds. We asked for more color in our space, and he decided to design the ENTIRE room in vibrant shades of orange and green. We love a colorful space, Vinci, but maybe a little moderation next time?

The Call of the Wild

In a quest to bring some cozy green tones into a dining room, we asked Vinci for moss-colored walls. Vinci's response? Walls made entirely of moss. Literally. While we admire the commitment to nature, we were hoping for a lovely coat of green paint, not a dining room made of plants.

To avoid your own set of bloopers, we've learned a couple of tricks: keep people and pets out of your photos and try to declutter your space before uploading. Also, experimentation is part of the journey! If Vinci serves you something you don’t like, don’t be afraid to tell him that. In the words of our Head of Marketing, “Vinci, gross! Try that design again.”

For more tips, check out our guide to chatting with Vinci!

Palazzo's point of view

Raffi Holzer, one of our co-founders, often reflects on the concerns surrounding AI in creative industries. He believes that while AI will reshape how we work, the essence of interior design - the human connection - is irreplaceable.

Raffi Holzer: “There are many voices out there painting a pretty bleak picture of AI’s future impact on humanity, from taking our jobs all the way to Terminator-style hellscapes. I won’t prognosticate on the likelihood we all end up serving our robot overlords, but I do have some thoughts on the AI that’s already with us today and what might be coming down the pike in the very near future. 

While certain jobs out there may be cut due to AI, interior designers - as evidenced by some of Vinci’s more hilarious mistakes above - are in no danger of being replaced any time soon. Even as AI becomes more capable, the value of working with a designer is deeper than their ability to put together a beautiful space. A renovation is a stressful and expensive process. Anyone who’s done one themselves knows the incalculable value the trusted human connection provides through that ordeal.

I will concede, however, that Gen-AI products have meaningfully contributed to the bad rap they’ve gotten among creatives. If you as a creative person put your work out into the public sphere, chances are ChatGPT has seen it and can accurately mimic your style. And you, the progenitor of that heretofore inimitable style, are not compensated for or even notified about, its imitation. 

At Palazzo, we see the world a little differently. If the true originators of creative work are not compensated for it, new creations will cease, and AI will have no new data to feed on. AI and creators ought not to be at odds. We think AI should empower more people to be creative, democratize access to unique styles and expertise, while simultaneously ensuring that inventors and originators are compensated for their contributions.”

The entire Palazzo founding team feels strongly about this subject. Venus Williams, one of Palazzo’s co-founders, is a designer who founded a South Florida-based full-service interior design firm in 2002 called V Starr. Her vision for Palazzo is to give everyone the opportunity to make their space their own.

“We’re not here to eliminate designers. God knows I’m in the design field too, and I love what we do, but we’re here to create more efficiencies. We’re here to make design fun and to make design easy.”


Design the future together with Palazzo

At Palazzo, we're passionate about the intersection of AI and human creativity. Our mission is to harness AI's potential to complement and enhance the work of human designers, not to replace them.

Clearly, our journey is filled with learning curves, but rest assured, we're committed to smoothing out those edges. We believe in the power of experimentation and feedback to shape better outcomes and invite you to join us.

Who knows? You might have your own amusing bloopers to share, or better yet, discover the perfect design that speaks to you. Let’s create something beautiful together!