April 17, 2024

Celebrate Spring with Style: Enter Palazzo’s April Giveaway

Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate than with adorable home goods inspired by the season? 

We love the freshness and new beginnings of spring, and we want to see how the Palazzo community celebrates the season through decor. So, we're throwing an April giveaway! All are invited to participate, and who knows - you might even win some spring-inspired items to add to your home. Read on to see how!

Announcing Palazzo’s spring giveaway

How do I enter? Simple! To enter, you just need to take two easy steps on our Instagram page:

  1. Follow the Palazzo Instagram account (we promise to serve you great home inspo!) 

  2. Like the giveaway post and comment your answer to the following question: What’s your favorite way to refresh your home for spring?

And that’s it - you’ll be entered in the giveaway! If you want to up your chances of winning, check out how to get 10 additional entries for every spring design you make in Palazzo below!

When is it? You can enter the giveaway anytime from Wednesday, April 17th until Thursday, April 25th. 

What is the prize? The winner will receive the below gift basket, which includes: a strawberry puffy cooler bag, a beeswax candle set, a wood cabin key fob, a hand painted glasses set, a petal candle, and wildflower seeds to welcome spring. Visit our social media accounts on Friday, April 26th, when we’ll announce the winner!

Show us what spring means to you

If you are loving our spring basket and want to increase your entries into the giveaway, this next part is for you! You will get 10 extra entries into the giveaway drawing for each spring-inspired photo you design in Palazzo and share on the Explore Feed. Here’s how!

  1. Pick any photo from our Palazzo library and redesign it with a spring-inspired theme. Whether you see spring as bright and airy or cozy with pastel tones, this challenge is for you - we want to see your personal style represented.

  2. After you've made your perfect spring design, post it on the Palazzo Explore Feed. We’ll keep an eye out for your designs throughout the week to update your entries!

If you’re not sure how to get started, we’ve got you covered! Below are two easy ways to experiment with creating a spring design in Palazzo. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to the Palazzo team - we would love to share our tips!

  1. Try out Style Transfer: Our experts are clear - one of the best ways to communicate what you like in interior design is with a picture. That’s why we created Style Transfer! This feature allows you to upload a photo of any design you like, and Vinci will infuse the style and colors into your space. To try it out, take a look through Pinterest and find a photo that best aligns with what spring means to you. Then, all you have to do is start a design session and click the button that says I want to upload a photo of a room I like and use its style.

  2. Have a conversation with Vinci: If you’d rather explain in words what you’re looking for, try guiding Vinci with a design prompt! All you have to do is start a design session and tell him what you’re looking for, just like you would when chatting with a friend or an interior designer. 

Prompt writing for spring designs

Not sure how to capture your spring style in a prompt? Here are some tips to get your creativity flowing:

  • Color themes: Think pastel, soft color palettes, and lighter neutrals.

  • Textiles and materials: Incorporate linen, light fabrics, and light wood accents.

  • Patterns: Play with floral and striped patterns to add a spring feel.

  • Natural elements: Include plenty of greenery and maximize natural light to bring the outdoors in.

Popular interior design styles for a spring refresh

Several design styles beautifully complement the freshness of spring. Try asking Vinci for a redesign using one of the following styles. You can even copy and paste parts of these descriptions into Vinci’s chat box!


Coastal design feels like a breezy beachside retreat in your living room. It's characterized by light, airy color palettes - think shades of blue, soft grays, and warm sands. Natural light is a key element, with soft, white-washed wood tones and organic textures like jute and rattan. Furniture is often minimalist to promote a sense of calm and openness. Accent with sea-inspired decor like shells or coastal artwork for a twist on a spring design.

Photo credit: Palm Beach House Collection by Next


Cottagecore oozes idyllic countryside charm, perfect for a cozier take on spring. This style features floral patterns, vintage furniture, and an abundance of soft, layered textiles like quilts and lace. Colors are muted, drawing on earthy tones mixed with pastel greens, pinks, and yellows. Handmade and artisanal elements such as pottery, woven baskets, and hand-sewn pillows showcase simpler times. Incorporate indoor plants and herbal pots for a spring feel.

Photo credit: Nathan Schroder


Preppy interior design is all about crisp, clean lines combined with bold, vibrant colors and patterns. Classic stripes and chevrons, along with nautical themes, are staples of this look. The color palette often includes navy blue, emerald green, and pops of pastels to brighten the space. Furniture pieces are traditional but with a youthful twist - think tufted armchairs in bright colors or lacquered wood desks. Accessories like monogrammed pillows and tailored drapery add a sophisticated touch that is perfect for a spring refresh.

Photo credit: Amy Tyndall Design

English Country

If you like warm and inviting, you might want to try out English Country. Colors are often rooted in floral and botanical patterns, using a range of muted greens, soft creams, and rose pinks. Furniture is plush and ornate - think rich fabrics like velvet or brocade. Key elements include book-filled wooden shelves, traditional oil paintings, and layered rugs, creating a sense of lived-in elegance. To bring in spring, incorporate fresh flowers in classic porcelain vases.

Photo credit: G.P. Schafer

French Country

French Country blends rustic charm with an old-world feel. A soft, muted color palette of lavender, sage, and butter yellow pairs well with this style. Architectural details might include exposed wood beams and stone walls, while furniture often includes graceful curves and weathered finishes. Fabrics are typically linen or toile, with provincial patterns like gingham or floral. To highlight spring, use light, flowing curtains, plenty of fresh greenery, and open windows to blend indoor comfort with the allure of the French countryside.

Photo credit: Tria Giovan

Celebrate spring your way

As the flowers start to bloom and the days grow longer, there’s no better time to celebrate the spirit of spring. We hope this giveaway gets you in the mood to do just that! 

We can’t wait to hear your favorite way to refresh your space for the season. Happy designing and good luck to all of our participants!


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© 2024 Palazzo. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Palazzo. All rights reserved.