February 27, 2024

Discovering Your Interior Design Style with Palazzo’s Aesthetic DNA Quiz

When you hear personal style in interior design, what do you think of? Is it the latest trends, or is it expressing your unique personality within your space? 

At Palazzo, we believe that your design identity is as distinct as you are. We’re an innovative AI-powered tool that offers you the opportunity to discover your unique design style and express your true self within your spaces. 

Introducing Palazzo’s Aesthetic DNA Quiz 

At Palazzo, our mission is simple: your space, your story. Interior design should be accessible to everyone, allowing you to create spaces that truly speak to you. That's why we've created the Aesthetic DNA Quiz - a fun and interactive way to uncover your personal design style. With just a few clicks, you'll be on your way to discovering a world of design possibilities tailored to your unique taste. 

So, how does the Aesthetic DNA Quiz work? Let’s break it down together. 

Finding your personal design style with Palazzo 

Taking the Aesthetic DNA Quiz is easy, fun, and only takes a few minutes! Follow along to discover your personal style: 

  1. To get started, open the Aesthetic DNA Quiz on your computer browser, tablet, or phone. 

  1. After entering your name, you’ll be shown several series of rooms. You’ll be asked questions about what you like in their design, from color palettes to the right amount of pattern for you. Simply pick the images that speak to you to help Palazzo understand your design perspective. It’s okay if the room you pick isn’t exactly your style - just pick the ones that feel the most like you. You’ll also narrow in on your exact preferences with text questions that ask you about your favorite styles and colors. 

  1. Palazzo’s AI will work behind the scenes to understand and build your custom design style, drawing from the common styles, colors, and design elements in each of your selected photos.  

  1. Once you have selected your favorite design from each image series, you’ll be asked to enter your email. As soon as your personalized results are ready, they’ll be on their way to your inbox!  

Take Palazzo's Aesthetic DNA Quiz to discover your personal style

Understanding your Aesthetic DNA results 

The moment of truth has arrived - what will your quiz results reveal? Let’s break them down to help you better understand your personal style. 

Your results will include three important things to truly capture your personal style: a custom design title, an image of a room designed in your style, and a detailed description of the design elements that represent your unique taste.  You can see an example of Stacie's personalized style - Luxe Clarity Haven - below:

Quiz results from Palazzo's Aesthetic DNA Quiz. The user's personal style is Luxe Clarity Haven, which is a harmonious blend of modern minimalism and mid-century charm, with a focus on open spaces, natural light and a neutral palette accented by earthy tones and lush greens.

Stacie's unique style is a harmonious blend of modern minimalism and mid-century charm, with a focus on open spaces, natural light and a neutral palette accented by earthy tones and lush greens.

Your results might surprise you, and that can be a good thing! People often think they know how to define the style they like the most, when it's actually quite hard to pinpoint exactly what that looks like. Take the quiz a few times, select different answers, and see what comes up. Personal style is always evolving, and this quiz can evolve with you.

How Palazzo uses your personal style 

Once you've completed the Aesthetic DNA Quiz, Palazzo takes your custom design style from the quiz and builds a unique design profile just for you. Your results will then be attached to your Palazzo profile. 

That means when you upload images of your home or any other space you’d like to redesign, our AI-powered design assistant Vinci can draw from your personal design style to make sure he serves you spaces you love. To do this, simply upload an image, then tell Vinci to use the design from your quiz to update your space.

For example, take another look at Stacie's custom style results above. We asked Vinci to create a space using her unique Luxe Clarity Haven flair, and he transformed this dining room into a warm, contemporary space tailored perfectly to her taste. 

A room redesign generated by Palazzo.ai. The before image features a modern dining room in tones of grey, while the after features a warm, contemporary space based on the Luminous Minimal Haven style

Sharing your style with the world 

After you've discovered your unique design style, you can share it with the world! Palazzo encourages you to flaunt your redesigned space on social media. Stay tuned for a big update when we release our very own Explore Feed. You never know, exploring the feed might just spark some inspiration for your next design project! 

But it doesn't stop there. You can also share your style results with friends, family, realtors, and even interior designers to more easily communicate your personal style. Let them in on the secret to your fabulous taste in design! 

Palazzo Explore feed featuring user designs

Ready to see your unique design style?

Design should be all about personalization, and that's exactly what Palazzo's Aesthetic DNA Quiz is here to deliver. By uncovering your personal style, you can create spaces that not only look amazing but also feel like home.  

So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now and unlock a world of design possibilities tailored just for you!