May 3, 2024

Regency Chic: 6 Virtual Backgrounds Inspired by Bridgerton

Dearest Readers,

As we eagerly await the return of the enchanting series Bridgerton for its third season, we at Palazzo are thrilled to accompany your anticipation with a touch of Regency elegance. Just as the Ton prepares for another season of balls and banquets, why not prepare your digital parlours as well?

To delight you, we have designed a collection of six exquisite virtual backgrounds inspired by the opulent interiors of the Bridgerton universe. To use them in your meetings, simply save them to your computer (right click on your favorite + Save Image As…) then upload them as a virtual background in Zoom, Teams, or Meet!

Let each virtual meeting be a grand ball, where you are always the guest of honor.

6 Bridgerton-inspired Zoom backgrounds to bring the Ton to your next work meeting

Regencycore style living, but online

Step into the grandeur of the Regency era with this lavishly appointed living room, where gold accents meet luxurious velvet upholstery. The color palette is a soothing mix of pale aqua and soft blush, and candle wall sconces add a touch of romantic mood lighting.

Perfect for those who want their Zoom backgrounds to scream, “I have impeccable taste, and yes, I know what the quadrille is.”

Penelope Featherington’s posh sitting room: not yellow enough, I think

We took Penelope very seriously when she said, "Not yellow enough, I think." 

Channel your inner Penelope Featherington with this bright and feminine sitting room that puts you at the centerpiece of the conversation. We love the paneled walls featuring gilded moldings and framed classical paintings. Ideal both for your weekly retro and for whispering secrets and scandal.

Queen Charlotte’s plush throne room

Bask in the splendor of this Queen Charlotte inspired living room, where gold trimmings and plush pastel fabrics dominate the scene. Luxurious touches include porcelain vases, Louis XVI style furniture, and don't forget the crystal chandelier. Turn every online meeting into a courtly gathering, all from the comfort of your digital throne.

In the words of Queen Charlotte herself: “Flawless, my dear.”

Violet Bridgerton’s graceful drawing room…in bloom

Inspired by the poised and graceful Violet Bridgerton, this drawing room combines soft blues and lavenders with elegant floral accents to create a calming yet authoritative space. It’s the perfect virtual backdrop for overseeing family matters or conducting online meetings with a touch of matriarchal wisdom.

We love the modern take on Rococo-style furniture and the floral damask wallpaper that matches Violet’s desire for her garden to bloom once again: “It seems my garden is in bloom…it is blooming out of control.”

Colin Bridgerton’s cosmopolitan quarters

This bedroom might be better for a virtual happy hour than your daily stand up, but also - you do you. Reflecting the worldly and adventurous spirit of Colin Bridgerton, this background merges classic elegance with touches of exotic charm. Because after all, "The world is vast and filled with wonders waiting to be discovered."

Rich navy velvet and intricate woodwork suggest a life of travel and intrigue, making it an ideal setting for both romantic escapades and earnest late-night work sessions.

Lady Danbury’s tea parlour of choice

If you prefer to take your virtual meetings from a coffee shop - or tea parlour, in the case of Lady Danbury - we’ve got you covered. Step into the quaint charm of a Regency-era coffee shop! Rich shades of purple and greenery liven up the room, making it the perfect backdrop for an impromptu coffee break with a colleague.

Trust us, you don’t want to end up like Lady Danbury when she’s missed her cuppa: "Do not test my patience today, as I assure you, it is in very short supply."

In Closing

As you prepare for another social season - albeit a digital one - remember that every interaction is an opportunity to make a statement. We invite you to adorn your virtual environments with these backgrounds, each a portal to the Bridgerton world. Let them add a touch of nobility and intrigue to your digital engagements! 

Download these magnificent backdrops to transform your virtual presence into a scene worthy of Lady Whistledown’s praise. Or, try your hand at crafting your own regal space in Palazzo.

Until next time, we bid you adieu and good fortune.

Yours truly,


© 2024 Palazzo. All rights reserved.


© 2024 Palazzo. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Palazzo. All rights reserved.